Hey, what’s up? hello!

Hi, I’m Becca Fink! I started Spark Personal Brand Styling because I love fashion and the way it makes me feel. (If you would like to know more about me, please visit my about page). Since this is about styling and fashion let’s dive into the outfit I chose to wear for my home page photo!

I knew the goal of the photos was for business purposes and I wanted a professional yet welcoming vibe, nothing super corporate. I did A LOT of research in the weeks leading up to the shoot. I checked out different outfit choices, poses, hair styles, makeup, backdrops etc so I could narrow down exactly what I wanted to look like and I could make sure I wasn’t wasting my time and money. Once I decided on a look from my research, I went through my closet to pick out 3 options, this way I am more than prepared with choices on the spot if I need to do an outfit change (preparation= not wasting my time or the photographers!) I decided to try my top look first and I am SO happy I did!

The Outfit Breakdown:

Dress: I wanted to update my spring/summer dresses with some more mature pieces anyway so I took advantage of the Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family sale and picked up this fabulous dress. I only treat myself if it’s worth it (and if there’s a sale) and since the dress has so many colors in it which makes it so versatile I deemed it a must have that will get me a long return on my investment.

Blazer: During the same Bloomingdale’s trip I also bought the blazer that goes with it. It’s an awesome piece to add some color and is super light weight for those summer months.

Shoes: A VERY good life decision, thank you Nordstrom for making it happen! With several Nordstrom notes I was able to purchase these Kate Spade beauties!!

Watch: Super lucky find at Nordstrom Rack, Michele Tahitian Jelly watch discounted!! It was the deal of a lifetime!

Makeup: The oh so talented Tess Givnish!! She is a ROCK STAR and never disappoints!

Hair: The fabulous James at Platinum Hair Design!

Photography: Alex Failla, works his magic and is Tess’s second half.

I settled on the outfit I chose because of how it made me feel. I didn’t have to worry about if my outfit was laying right, or if Alex was catching me at the right angle (or the not right one..we all know what that means).

I felt like a rockstar so my rockstar confidence came through in my pictures, my outfit was just an accessory to match me!


Want to take great pics? Make sure you’re IN LOVE with how you feel in your outfit!