Rainy Days Don’t Have to be Gloomy

Okay so since it’s supposed to rain for what seems like forever, it’s not going to be fun to be in a dark, gloomy mood until the sun comes out. When I know rain is on the horizon my favorite color to gravitate towards is black, I can’t help it. I also for some reason assume because it’s dark and rainy it’s also cold and it’s time to bundle up. Well…. it shouldn’t be a surprise to me anymore that with rain also comes HUMIDITY. Very hot, sticky, I thought it was fall not summer, humidity.

So what are you to do when you have to go to work, it’s forecasted to storm for what seems like eternity, and humidity is out of control?

You rock some awesome rain boots, a skirt and clear bubble umbrella!

Part of why I get excited about the rain is being able to rock my hot pink RED Valentino rain boots. They were a must have at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a couple years back when I fell in love with them on the back of the catalog. They make EVERY rainy day brighter!

I pair my rain boots with my clear bubble umbrella from Target that was gifted to me last holiday season so that I am completely covered and I still have full visibility.

I chose that skirt in particular because it’s high waisted and mini so it elongates my body to balance out the short rain boots (I’m short and the last thing I want to look like is shorter than I already am). The skirt along with the layered pearl necklace is a little dressier which takes the outfit up a notch and makes it more work friendly especially since I knew I wanted to wear a grey T-shirt with it.

As much as I love my rain boots, the only downside is they aren’t the most comfortable for long term wear (aka a full work day). So, I’ve made it a habit to bring along a change of shoes, and my Sam Edelman cheetah flats were the perfect pair to keep some pop in the outfit.

To get yourself through this week of never ending rain and clouds, grab yourself a pair of bright rain boots to add a pop of color to a dark, grey day!