Patience Pays Off

There are some things in this life you just can’t change, and your shoe size is one of them.  I have gotten over the fact that my feet are baby sized ( size 4.5 or 5 women’s) and I’ve decided to embrace it as blessing not a curse.

I must admit, it’s extremely annoying and discouraging picking up a perfect pair of shoes just learn that they don’t make them small enough for you. But what I LOVE is when I can save a few dollars and purchase the kid version instead.

Meet the newest addition, my Stuart Weitzman ‘Ariana Vance’ Sneaker.

I FREAKED when I stumbled upon them. The sneaker wedge trend really started to grow on me about a year ago and I’ve been searching for a pair ever since. The only problem is I always found them to be over $100 and I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money for a trend that I wasn’t 100% sure was going to stick around. So, I decided to keep the sneaker wedges in the back of my mind for when I found the right pair.

Last week was my lucky day, I finally found the perfect pair at the perfect price, AND they are designer. It just too a little bit of patience and looking in an unusual source, the kids shoe department, and I saved at least $100. They are super comfy and I LOVE wearing them to add a little sparkle to a casual outfit!

Moral of the story: Be patient, don’t rush into a purchase just because you “want” it. Sometimes if you wait a little bit you can save some real money that you can use for anything, like a matching shirt 😉