How to have the Best Halloween Costume

So it shouldn’t be any surprise to you that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Why? It’s all about the outfit, duh.

Once you decide what you want to be, the next thing to do is figure out what pieces you already have and which you have to buy. Half the fun of putting together a Halloween costume is piecing it together, which does take some time especially if some parts need to be ordered online or DIYed (is that even a word?). I ALWAYS opt for a DIY costume over a store bought one since it’s sooooo much cheaper and it’s more fun knowing that you made it.

So, once you have a list of all the items you need to figure out how to obtain, the next step is to decide WHERE to find them. I always price shop for accessories between Party City and Spirit Halloween and if there are any other items like tops or bottoms I try to find something that I would actually wear again.

This year I decided to be Minnie Mouse and of course I nominated my boyfriend as Mickey. For my costume I knew I already had a pair of super cute sequence ears and I could use my black crop top as a top so all I needed was a skirt and my accessories. I opted to make a red tutu and hot glue white polka dots on it for the skirt and wear a pair of black spandex underneath so I’m covered (more details at the bottom about how to make a tutu). After price shopping I went to my local Spirit Halloween and grabbed a pair of black fishnets, white ruffle socks, and special Minnie Mouse gloves (I splurged for those). So all that’s left to do is actually create my tutu.

Mickey of course got off easy. I found a really awesome Mickey Mouse inspired tuxedo t- shirt from Spencers that my boyfriend was actually thrilled about wearing so I made sure to order that in time for it come before Halloween. I happen to have a set of Mickey Mouse gloves that he can wear for the evening so that saves another $10 or so and if he ends up not wearing them it isn’t a big deal.

So I can’t take all the credit for the tutu since my sister actually turned me onto the idea after she’d been doing it for several costumes, but here it goes:


  1. 6 yards of whatever colored tulle you want to use (I used red of course). Always check online for coupons for JoAnns, you can usually get your materials 50% off!
  2. 1 elastic band (I opted for a wider waist band but a skinny one works fine too)
  3. A pair of scissors


  1. Fit the elastic around your waist.  Tie and tightly secure it so that’s comfortable.
  2. Lay out the tulle but keep it folded in half so it’s doubled up. Cut the tulle in about 1 inch strips.
  3. Wrap the strips of tulle one by one around the elastic and pull it through until you’ve filled up the whole elastic.
  4. Try it on and make sure the tulle is evenly distributed and fill it in where necessary.

Always DIY your Halloween costume. Your wallet will thank you!