Style tells a story, and it’s time YOU take control of how it’s told.
Start investing in your most powerful brand asset, YOU.  

Hi! I’m Becca Fink, your Personal Brand Stylist!

Investing in my personal brand has been part of my life since I took my first shopping trip to Nordstrom and was gifted my first Nordie. Since then, I’ve been voted Best Dressed by my peers twice, earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising, and dedicated myself after graduation to outfitting my customers while working for Nordstrom (#Nordy4Life!).

It wasn’t until I switched gears into marketing that I realized I’ve been using style as a marketing tool my whole life. Whether I’m giving a big presentation or just ambitiously greeting another day, I make sure that my style is in line with whatever goal I have set, big or small. During this revelation it was brought to my attention that even though my style is what makes me feel secure, other people shy away from it.

So, after numerous shopping trips with my friends (turned clients) I decided to start introducing them to “The Becca Way”, a different approach to style and the shopping experience. What happened next? I immediately noticed a change. A lightbulb had gone off and my friends (turned clients) started walking with their shoulders back, heads held high, ready to tackle the world. Why? Because they knew they looked good, felt even better, and had taken a step to invest in themselves.

A process that was once dreaded, is not only embraced, but also EASY.



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