The Art of the Carry On

As I prepare to pack for my relaxing Labor Day getaway to South Carolina and with summer winding down (wahhhhhh) one of my top packing priorities is to make sure I have all my top summer outfits that I haven’t gotten around to wearing yet in the “Must Bring” pile. Yes, I have them already put aside from what wasn’t worn during my long weekend at the shore a month ago, judge me. That includes crop tops, rompers, shorts and that fabulous bathing suit I’ve been dying to wear one last time! These are all items that will be hard to carry into fall.

I always make sure to wear one pair of shoes on the plane that I’m planning on wearing throughout the trip and the jacket I bring just in case of emergency cold weather (yes, I learned from experience) so they don’t take up unnecessary room that can be used for extra “reserve” outfits. For the nights that I know I am going out on the town, I always bring one outfit as my “I feel skinny today” and a “yikes should have cut back on those french fries at lunch” outfit. This way I’m prepared for all sorts of unexpected food comas that can easily be hidden under my flowy post feeding hour shirt. So, for every night I might be on the town, I pack 2 shirt options that will go with either of the bottoms I chose to bring for experiencing the nightlife.

For daytime excursions I pack light, comfy, and layers, all depends on the activities planned for the vacay. If it’s mostly a pool vacation and I plan on living in a bathing suit, I’ll pack a cover up or two that can also be used as a casual excursion outfit. Lounge wear is a MUST for those post excursion pre evening moments.

Ahhh shoes..the heaviest and bulkiest piece of the puzzle. Since I am wearing 1 pair on the plane with me already, I allow myself two-three max pairs packed away. That typically includes 1 pair of wedges, 1 pair of running sneakers (don’t forget socks), and another pair of sandals. They ALWAYS go on the bottom of the suitcase!

Next time you want to pack a lot of options for a short trip without bringing 3 suitcases, opt for less pants and bottoms and more shirts, they take up less room 😉

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