Lesson Learned: Don’t Forget Your Number 1 Rule


All it takes is for one instance to make you completely remember why you have put certain methods and habits in place for how you conduct your life. So, I even surprised myself when just last weekend I found myself shopping blind as I tried to find an Eagles tank top worth purchasing to wear to that night’s game after I had acquired two front row tickets (woohoo!) last minute. Under a time crunch I thought I would just pop out to my local sporting goods store and pick up something cute to wear to the game. OH NO, was I wrong. THREE STORES LATER I finally found something cute in my size (half the battle) that I could validate buying.

It wasn’t until I was going on my third store that I snapped out of this daze and realized with the minutes ticking by I had to figure this out fast. So I got on my iPhone, went online to check out the merchandise at my next stop and fine tuned my mission. I already limited my choices down to three from the time it took to get from the mall to the shopping center so when I walked in I knew exactly what I was going to buy and what I was prepared to pay. With no time left to try anything on I quickly weighed my options between price, size, and how likely I’m to wear the item again and settled on my tank top.

Lesson Learned: 1. Don’t ever forget your Number 1 rule, it’s there for a reason. 2. Don’t take shortcuts, it will cost you more in the long run. 3. ALWAYS. DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.

The compliments I received on my tank top choice did ease the exhaustion of the shopping experience, however I couldn’t believe that I broke my NUMBER ONE RULE. I didn’t do my research beforehand and I paid the price. Funny thing is if I just took 5 minutes to do some preliminary online shopping I would have saved myself from traveling to two stores, getting so frustrated and almost giving up, and about 45 minutes of round trip traveling time (not including gas and the anger of Saturday shoppers).