Best Time to Wear White: After Labor Day



With Labor Day officially behind us (sigh) and the summer humidity (yay!) it’s time to accept that some rules are just meant to be broken.

No White After Labor Day. HA. Where did this rule even come from?

September weather in New Jersey especially is the BEST time to break out those white jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and whatever else white you have in your closet. I love white with long sleeves, scarves, the possibilities are endless! I even have several pairs of white jeans because it’s my favorite outfit combination. EVER.


  1. It makes you look tan and who doesn’t want to show off the tan they’ve worked all summer for?
  2. EVERYTHING pops with white


Do I believe in wearing white all year round? NO. I believe there is still limits and restrictions, and I go by the weather. If it is sunny and above 70 degrees outside and it’s between April- October I give it a go, otherwise white stays in the closet.