Always #basic


October is a great time soak up some last minute rays before it gets really cold. Whether you’re enjoying football tailgates or you’re being basic pumpkin picking, your October activity list is prime time for cute pictures, and cute pictures mean a cute outfit.

So, there are several things to consider when planning your outfit for outdoor October activities:

  1. The weather is unpredictable. It may be 60, rainy, and cold, or 75, sunny and warm. It can even be 65, sunny, but with an unbearable amount of wind. All three scenarios warrant a different outfit.
  2. As much as you want to wear your new pair of boots, it may be too hot for them and you may sweat to death.
  3. Layers are your friend.
  4. Comfort. Nobody likes to be that girl that wore heeled booties when everyone else is in their cute converse.

Basically, stalk the weather so you can plan accordingly because shivering from wind and holding a cold beer during a football game is never fun and neither is being stuck in an open pumpkin patch waiting for the tractor to leave.

After you’ve stalked the weather all the way up to the hour by hour, it’s time to plan your outfit. I always plan several outfits for different weather conditions so I don’t get bummed when I can’t wear my number one choice. The outfit I decided on for my homecoming tailgate at Albright College (best day of the year, go Lions!) was simple, functional, and cute. I opted for my high waisted Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans (Yes, I’m a major advocate for A&F denim. I’ll explain why in a later post), grey Topshop crop top from Nordstrom, and my Abercrombie & Fitch flannel shirt. For shoes I went with my converse because they are super comfy, easy to clean, and I don’t mind that much if they get a little dirty, they are sneakers after all.

Why did I choose this outfit?

Well, I checked the weather constantly until I was ready to leave and knew the sun was going to be warm and the flannel would work for style and function and I could easily take it off if I got hot. I was also well aware I would want to take a lot of pictures so I knew my jeans would keep me slim and if I had too many hot dogs I could button up my flannel to cover my crop top and it would still look cute.

Perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort!